Monday, August 18, 2008

Our house

OK, so when we bought this house almost five years ago, I really hated it. It had smurf blue carpets, a gouged kitchen floor, disgusting counter tops, and baby poop looking walls. We have been working on the house ever since, and sometimes, when I walk through now, I am so happy and proud of what we have accomplished. That doesn't mean the work is done, we still have quite the list!

My parents come this week and while they are here, they are helping us get some things done. As you can imagine, with a husband who works nights and three kids and my two jobs, it can be tough to get the big stuff done. While they are here we are:

1. Replacing the playroom door. It broke last year, so I have had to suffer through listening to the kids all summer when they screech and yell :) Also, it gets COOOOOOOOLD in the family room at night in the winter since that room is an addition, so I will be happy to have a new door.

2. Will will be painting the kitchen, the walls and the cabinets!!!!! The walls will be a warm goldish yellow. We have a lot of yellow rooms, all different yellows, not sure how that happened. I wanted the kitchen to flow well with the dining room which has red walls on the bottom and beige on top. The cabinets will be painted a cream color to match the appliances. I am so, so, so, so excited about this! We will also re grout the counter tops we put in a few years ago. They are natural stone tiles and I love they way they look, but they are a pain to clean!

3. New molding will go into the dining room. Hop hip hooray, we will finally have the molding finished in there!

4. The fireplace mantle will also get new molding and a coat of paint. I would personally love to cover the brick with river rock, but well, it costs too much, so I will take new molding.

I cannot wait for everything to get done! The other thing I need my dad and Ryan to do is to cut down the wisteria out back. The previous owners planted it too close to the house and in a place where you can't trellis, so it just attacks things. We will cut it down, haul it to the dump compost, and maybe this spring we will build the deck. My backyard is awful, mostly because we haven't had the chance to attack it yet. I want to build a deck over the patio and a wall next to it to direct the waterfall that flows down our hill when it rains. Then next year, we will put up the umbrella and put out my furniture, oh what a dream!

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