Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bing bang boom

So it is 1 in the morning and i am just going to sleep. Grayson had a nightmare and is sleeping next to me, and then BAM! He falls out of bed, and in the process takes my lamp with him and light bulb shatters everywhere.

So I get him up and make sure he is OK. Then I go downstairs for the vacuum and a light bulb. Come back and find the old bulb is stuck, so I get the other lamp and move it so I can see the glass, then I vacuum.

Life is never dull!

Oh and after Gray got up the first time, he said he was hungry. I offered him water to which he replied, "That's OK, water is like chicken to me." What does that mean?

I would like to add that following the lightbulb incident, Gray was then up until after 2 am. He then decided to wake me at 6:40 to start the day. I am EXHAUSTED!!!

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