Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sunday Sunday

We left the house. I know, hold the presses, the kids and I ventured out into the world on a weekend.

We hit a number of stores, my girls were great, Grayson was possessed. Same old, same old around here. He does so much better when they girls are at school, I am looking forward to having just the one kid to run errands, and come October when he starts preschool, I will run errands alone :)

Even though he was terrible and awful, we still got the errands done and I was even a nice mama and picked up subs for lunch. Home we came, I did some work and unloaded the car and now need to get on cooking dinner. On our menu tonight...roast chicken with stuffing and green beans. Tomorrow I decided they can all eat leftovers, since we have plenty, and I get the night off. I will, however, make stock from the chicken and get it into the freezer, it is almost chicken soup time. Maybe bread will get baked if I don't cook.

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Ree said...

Dinner sounds yummy!!