Saturday, August 16, 2008

How do you define

a morning that begins with your three (4 on Weds) year old son screaming at you how much he hates you cook french toast for him, with the homemade bread you made for him.

The problem began as Grayson was arranging the letter magnets on the fridge while I cooked. He then asked me what a string of letters spelled, and I told him that those letters didn't spell any words. THAT WAS IT! He started screaming at me, he says he hates me, that I am mean to him, etc. Um, ok?

Now let's backtrack to yesterday when I was in Giant with my three kids. I told them we could buy 6 boxes of Eggos (a HUGE treat for my family) and they could pick out any kind! They were so excited and picked all sorts of crazy Eggos, Lego eggos, Kung Foo Panda Eggos, etc. Directly following the joy of Eggo choosing, something I did made Grayson angry, I don't even remember what, and he put his hands on his hips, told me he was mad and he was leaving.

I have two other kids who have been 4, so I called his bluff (mistake 1) and said, "OK, sorry to see you go!" and walked away so he couldn't see me, but I could see him. He walked to the end of the aisle, then turned and started back for me. I thought, Aha, as always this has worked! (mistake 2). I poked my head around and asked if he was ready to come with us, and HE TOOK OFF RUNNING TOWARDS THE FRONT OF THE STORE!

We followed along the back then cut up and couldn't find him. We were so close to the doors, I was afraid he had left. The girls and I split up, Britt went to the back of the store, Haven went one way up front, and I went the other. The girls saw him, and went to grab him and HE LAUGHED, he thought it was funny!!

He did not think it was funny when I came and grabbed him and threw him in the back of the cart and proceeded to yell at him and fervently try to explain how dangerous that was the whole time we were in the store. He also was not happy when his father then had the same conversation with him about how dangerous it is.

Please say this is a boy thing and a phase :(


Ree said...

OMG--you brought up a memory:

Ree said...

Oh yes!! We've never forgotten!! It actually comes up in conversation occasionally!!
I can still remember exactly how I felt!!!!
It does get better! Of course, everyone is different--but it didn't take real long.
That and I never let them out of my sight after--LOL!!!