Tuesday, August 5, 2008

OK, Now I can blog :)

BTW-The chicken, lemon, orzo soup was FANTASTIC.....I will make it again and again this winter, except next time I will have homemade stock.

So, one of our biggest goals is to move to more land (minimum of 5 acres)and live more sustainably. In order to make this happen, we must first have a change in the housing market, since we would need to sell our house. Next we would need to know where we are going, we may end up staying here in VA, or there is a good chance we will end up in upstate NY. Then we need to pay down debt. That I am working on now, I would love to be able to move with only a mortgage and school loans (those aren't going anywhere anytime soon) but we will have to see. Now my goal is to take every last cent we have and split it, half into savings and half into debt. Some months it will not be much, some it will, but that is my plan and I am sticking to it :)

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