Saturday, August 30, 2008

Please can I have a real fall, pretty please!!!!!

Fall is my favorite season, and I miss the crisp fall days like we had in NY. In Virginia, summer tends to blend into winter, which here is usually wet, cold and dreary (sounds like fun huh). The winter just becomes summer, no real spring. This summer has been milder, and we have had a few fallish days, so I am seriously hoping for a real fall!

There is something about the kids heading back to school, the leaves changing, needing a sweater and it getting dark earlier. It feels so homey to have the days be cool and crisp, and the evenings dark and cozy in the house. I also LOVE apple season. I used to love peach season too, but since Haven is allergic, we just skip it and wait, wait, wait for apples!

I am guessing we will do two trips to the orchard, one in mid September and one in October. The October trip is also usually the pumpkin trip, so that is when we will do a festival. September is so I can load up on apples for baking and eating. It will be a top day for me when I have bushels and bushels of apples for canning, just think, applesauce, apple butter, spiced apples and apple pie filling! There will be enough to last the winter :)

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Shelly said...

mmm...apples, sweaters and crispy fall weather--a few of my favorite things--i can't wait for fall!