Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Wanna have some fun?

Me too. Too bad today will NOT be fun!

The girls have appointments at the cardiologist. Haven has been going since she was two days old, Brittan they heard a murmur in and wanted checked out just in case. I guess Gray will have an appointment this fall too, to make sure his ticker is a-ok.

The problem with the cardio is the appointments are VERY long, and I will have all the kids. I am packing the laptop and movies to hopefully keep Gray settled, and I will have snacks hidden away as well.

At least we get to have lunch at our favorite Tuesday spot with our favorite Tuesday people.

Tomorrow my baby turns FOUR!! He is not a baby anymore and we will be celebrating that he is here and that we love him. I will spare you all the details of just how hard it was to get that kid born, but I am happy to have him!

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