Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The gods are messing with me

I post how we are going to pay down debt and poof, and extra 50 bucks goes missing from my checking account. Seems the bank teller couldn't read the check my dad printed on his computer and decided it was worth 50 dollars less than the amount I put on the deposit slip, you know, the amount it was actually written for. So now I need to wait a week for the them to find the dang thing and have someone ELSE read it to see that it really was written for the amount I indicated so they can give me my money back. I am just appalled that they would take money out of my account without double checking, seems pretty obvious to me! I would also suggest that the person who has trouble reading the typed, printed checks not be the one who logs them into the computer, I can only imagine what is done with the hand written ones, **GASP**

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Ree said...

But when we make a mistake-- we get charged!! I think we should start sending them bills for their mistakes!!