Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I can feel my summer mood coming on!

Today I gave part of a final exam, I have only two more Mondays and one more Wednesday until summer break starts. I love the month I am off before the kids are, I can get lots of jobs around the house done, the weather is great, and it stays light later. I always feel like I have more time when it is light at 9 o'clock, and I actually enjoy working after the kids are in bed and the sun is still up! The first thing on my list is to get the book cases into the living room and get that place in order.

After class, I came home to a robust group of kids. Emily was kind enough to watch Grayson today, and soon after I got home, the three school kids came home as well. For having six kids in the house, they were pretty good and not as loud as usual :) We ordered some pizzas for dinner, fed the kids and then Em had to take Declan to soccer and Haven went along. The other four kids split up amongst two rooms and two movies. The babies got bored and came down, we rough housed a bit and I am sure they will both sleep well tonight. It was actually quite peaceful with the four of them, they just hung out and played, not one single fight took place!

It was a really nice day, and all of my work is done, so I can relax and enjoy my evening.

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A Jersey Girl said...

What are you doin' to enjoy your evening? HAHA! We had a nice day and thanks for feeding us and keeping the girls.