Saturday, April 5, 2008


Britt had her first soccer game today, and while it looked like a crazy mess of pony tails and blue and white on the field, the kids seemed to have fun. Brittan seemed to like it, and she was really tired after the game, and hot. I hope that the weekly practices and games will build up her stamina. She is just a little wisp of a kid, so she tires easily and gets hot/cold quickly.

While Britt was playing her game, and we were supposed to be cheering for her, Haven was being a pain. She is so used to all events being about her, and being the center of attention, she couldn't stand that this was for Brittan. She whine and moaned and just plain acted poorly. Her bad attitude followed us to lunch after the game, where I ended up leaving Ryan and the kids and going to the car just so I didn't have to look at her scowly face anymore.

Then we went to Lowes and bought a tiller for the gardens and some more soil. We also picked out a new grill, especially since the one we have is from when we bought our first house over 7 years ago and I grill as much as possible in the spring and summer.

Cam home and I started cutting away at the top tier of the new garden. It was hard work, and I don't even feel like I got that much done. Next we will use the tiller in the top and bottom tiers, and I will build out the side garden. So much work, so little time.

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