Sunday, April 6, 2008

Oh the horror!

It is horrible and terrible and awful that I have no more coffee. OK, actually that should read that I have no more GOOD coffee, I do have those horrible little black beans you buy at the grocery store. I cannot believe that I used to actually like that stuff, I have been spoiled by the fresh roasted coffee, something about it filling the house with the aroma, the deep gloss of the beans, oh it is heaven.

I ordered more green beans, but they won't be here until tomorrow. You can bet you bippy the box will come and the roaster will immediately be turned on so that I don't need to suffer another day.

I absolutely love roasting coffee, I love the smell and the sounds it makes when it first cracks. I wish we could purchase a commercial roaster, and I would make and sell my own. Maybe next year will bring the cash we need to get that running. Best part of roasting coffee, you can do it at home (we would make a room in the garage) and I would sell it at local farm markets, online, to local restaurants, etc. Such a good dream :)

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