Tuesday, April 8, 2008


So, one of the side effects of being so high stressed is that when you break, you break hard! Right now I am in a ton of pain, achy all over.

Currently I have a group project that is due tomorrow at PT school, and one group is having a full on meltdown. It is not fun to have to get in the middle of drama and be the one who punishes. In addition, a bunch of my students did really poorly on an assignment, so I need to find a way to pick them up tomorrow.

FT school is kicking my tush, I have a lot of little things to do that add up to a lot of time. My class is ridiculous and the paper that is due tomorrow is not even started, sigh.

Usually Thursday is my light day, this week I have to drive to PT school to fill out a form, then I need to go get our first CSA box. Then home to work on the gardens and then Ryan will go to the girl's parent teacher conferences while I take a conference call. Hopefully Haven's riding teacher will allow us to just drop Haven off and then pick her up after lesson, since we cannot be in two places at once!

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