Thursday, April 3, 2008

Smelling the flowers

There are moments we all have where we need to reexamine our lives. Luckily for me, these happen almost weekly, and I try my best to learn from mistakes, my own and others.

So, I am going to sit and watch a movie with my son, because I fear I haven't spent as much time doing the fun things with him. Husband is back in bed since he is exhausted and stayed up late last night trying to support me while I finished my paper. Then I will clean my house and find a way to not feel so bad about myself. The funny thing about life, sometimes people hold up mirrors and use them to help you better yourself, and other times they hold them up to make you feel worse. It is my choice how I feel about myself, and I decided that I will try to push those bad feelings aside and focus on the good. No one is perfect.

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