Thursday, April 3, 2008

Yummy smells

Since I decided to have a quiet day (haha) I only cleaned the house, did the dishes and went to the grocery store this morning. Brittan has a field trip tomorrow and Ryan is going, so we needed goodies to fill their brown paper bags.

Came home and unloaded and made some chocolate chip cookies for the kids. Ryan is a bit down, stuff at work, so he also needed some cookies to cheer him up too. The weather got nasty and it was sleeting (when will spring come!) so I went and grabbed the kids from school so they didn't have to ride the bus in that muck.

Came home and started dinner, a roast chicken, roasted veggies and FAVORITE dinner. Tonight I will NOT work, I will only watch a movie with the husband and have quiet time. Now tomorrow, that is another story.....

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