Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What does the future hold?

These last few weeks I have been antsy, maybe it is the spring weather, maybe it is the sheer abundance that needs to be done daily, but I want a slower lifestyle. Ryan and I have always agreed that the plan is to move to a nice piece of land. He is OK with it ending there, us living on our land (hopefully near a reasonable city) and planting a garden and some flowers. I, on the other hand, want a small farm. I would love raise chickens, pigs, goats and horses. I am fine with the circle of life and having an area where the broilers live (so we don't get attached) and then have our laying hens that we treat as pets. I have no issues with raising some pigs and sending some of them off to the butcher as needed. I want an apple and pear orchard, a huge berry patch and large garden. I would be content sitting at the farmers market in the summer and learning to make yogurt and cheese. The simple life is something I feel I need. I am so high stress, that it is easy for me to overload myself, and slowing down would be good for my soul and my health.

We talked about it tonight, and Ryan is OK with moving to the land and letting me have my mini farm. He does not want to head south, but he is OK with heading north, maybe into upstate NY. If the housing market recovers in the next few years, we will try to get him a job up there since my FT gig is from home and I can move with it. It would be awesome to have only one job, and for us to have more time together as a family. It is my dream, and while it seems so far away and unattainable, maybe we will get lucky.

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A Jersey Girl said...

HAHA! Like You'll ever slow down. You'd just get a second and/or thrid job where ever you move:)