Saturday, April 26, 2008

Sweet memories

I was watching a show on diners today and one that was featured was Ed Debevics. This brought back memories of going to the Ed Debevics that was located in the village back in high school. I remember going there after the AIDS Walk, we got soaked to the bone and had to buy clothes, then we went and ate lunch at Ed Debevics. It was always fun to sit there and be harassed, the memories I have of going into the city as a teenager are ones that I wouldn't trade for anything. Back then the world was so new and fresh, and exploring who we were as people, our likes and dislikes, and trying new things always made the trips exciting. My friends from them, some of which I am fortunate enough to still have a relationship with, are so important to me. I became defined in those years, I learned more about who I was, and who I wanted to be through our adventures. Through the years, and relationships, college, jobs, kids, and what not, I can still see my friends as they were then, and I love that they still exist, and that they still let me hang around.

There were years when I first became a mom that I lost myself. I wanted to fit the mold of the other moms, perfect house, perfect kids, perfect everything. Well by nature I am not perfect, let's face it, I am more of a mess than I am together, although I do put up a nice front. I gave up on what I loved and tried to be someone I wasn't, and it was a sad and lonely time for me. Now I know who I am, and I am the happiest I have been in years living the way I do. I have let my hippie back out, and every day I strive to simplify our lives and our environmental impact. I know that the changes I am making will positively impact my family and cannot wait until we can move to more land. It is so rewarding to be yourself, more people should try it :)


A Jersey Girl said...

Wait, you're not prefect? You sure are a good actor then:) Mom's Club was tough all that perfectness, who could stand it! Thank God we're done with that.

Thanks for taking the girls this afternoon:)

Tribe Mama said...

No problem, they were really good, all the kids played well...nice change :)