Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A well deserved quiet day

It is still rainy and gloomy today, but that is OK as I plan to hang about in my pajamas. With the nasty weather, I am sure there will be no soccer, so I have no need to leave the house. My classes are on break, PT school is all caught up so all I have to do is basic things for FT school. Dinner will be a delicious pork roast and all the fixin's, there is nothing better than cooking up a storm on a cold and rainy day. I plan to rest and do a little housework, and that is about it. Since I am still feeling yucky, I feel the day off will be good for me, and I know Gray could stand to enjoy the quiet today too.

Tomorrow we have to pick up our meat order (hooray!) and then I have to teach. Thursday I am planting the seedlings in the main garden. Looks as though the trellis isn't going up this year, so I need to go and get some tomato cages. I am so excited to get the plants into the ground, and even more excited to see the fruits of our labor!

Once everything is planted, I will post some pictures.

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