Monday, April 7, 2008

Monday Blues

It is just nasty outside, that gray misty rain that makes you wish the sky's would just pour and get it over with!

We got a late start today, the girls were tired from swimming and getting to bed so late. Maybe that is my fault since my almost 8 year old is trained for a 7:30 bedtime, but hey I work at night and need my sanity!

Girls got to school on time, barely, then Gray and I went to see Dr. Tom and then ran to get snack stuff for the brownies and a few other odds and ends. Came home, made coffee (still the nasty stuff) and started to do my Monday Course Checks. Well, something is up with the site and I cannot get into the classes. I am sure it will clear up soon, but it put a kink in my morning. So now I will go vacuum and switch laundry and do the housework thing, so that I can do the checks later. I also have to figure out dinner for tonight and go to work. I am giving an exam tonight, so I plan on grading some of my other classes papers and working on one of my papers. My favorite thing last week was arguing with my teacher. He said that DDB Needham was an abbreviation, I wrote back and told him it is the corporate name. He wrote back and said I needed to look further into it, hahaha, I KNEW people who worked there when they changed the name officially to DDB Needham (that is why there are no periods!!!!) Wrote him again and gave him the history and explained the branding changed in 1999 to officially change the name to DDB Needham (plus it would be stupid to write out the full name)

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