Friday, April 25, 2008

Under the weather, loving the weather

So I am feeling a little under the weather today, so much so that I actually went back to bed from 11 am-1pm, which is very unlike me. Prior to heading back to bed, I did clean up the house a bit, switch laundry, and get the bottom tier of the garden planted (Ryan did help me out at the end as I was really starting to feel ill...any zucchini we get is thanks to him!)

I went to bed and felt a bit better after my rest, came down and vacuumed, did the dishes, drank some tea and folded a few baskets of clothes. Dinner tonight was eye steaks (I am still amazed at how delicious the meat is!) sauteed potatoes and onions, jasmine rice (for Ry and Gray) wilted greens and salad, such a feast! All of it was so delicious, and I love that we are back into grilling and fresh veg season.

After dinner, the kids and Ryan took a walk, and I made them some pudding for dessert, and everyone has had a fun and relaxing afternoon and evening. Soon the kids will head to bed, I will settle onto the couch with tea or coffee and maybe a book, and a glorious breeze will blow through the open doors and windows. You have to love this time of year, everything is green and growing, the garden is full of summer harvest potential and the air is fresh. Perfect.

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