Sunday, April 6, 2008

Rainy day

It is a rainy, rainy morning. In one way, I am relieved that Haven won't have riding. On the other hand, I am itching to till the side garden so I can get my butternut and acorn squash, sweet pumpkins and potatoes in the ground. We should be past first frost, so if tomorrow cooperates, I will be tilling and planting that garden, and on Thursday Ryan will till the berry patch and the main garden. My seedlings are growing strong, so I am anxious to get them into the ground as soon as is safe.

We determined the structure for the tomato and bean trellis. Ryan wanted to use lattice, but I was concerned it would block too much light, so we are using the trellis netting. The frame will be 2 x 2's with a ladder top to provide support, then we place the netting. Each year we will replace the netting as needed, but the frame will be sturdy and will last. The upper garden will house beans, tomatoes , carrots and head lettuce. Lower garden has the four types squash/zucchini, eggplant, two types of cukes, and leaf lettuce. I am so very excited for the harvest :)

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