Monday, April 14, 2008

Note to Husband...Part 2

First off, for anyone else reading this, my apologies that this has turned into husband anger, but this is really my life and sometimes you have to write it out as it comes.

Dear Husband...again,
So glad you read the other note, now why don't we clarify a few things. When you say I always distrust other women, and that I am nervous about all of your other relationships (you said paranoid, I am being nice) why can't you give me an example? I can think of at least 8 women your are friends with who I have no issues with at all, who I don't care about your friendship or give it much thought. When I asked you to name ONE other person, you couldn't...hint, that is because the only other person I have ever had concerns about nearly ended our marriage. You want me to think this is me being crazy, paranoid, jealous, etc. Let's start with crazy, I admit in lots of ways I am, but not in this situation. Paranoid, not so much. Jealous, well I am sure there are people I am jealous of, usually people with good relationships (haha) and more money, but I can GUARANTEE that there is no way that I would ever be jealous of some white trash girl from upstate NY. I mean, I am sure it is loads of fun to come from a family with heaps of baby daddies and multiple marriages and no education, but I will stick with my current status, thank you very much.

I promise you one thing, four years ago when this happened I was 7 months pregnant with Gray and feeling very trapped. I am not now, and I have no problem with you walking out the door, nor do I have a problem kicking you out. See, I have been smart all these years, and made sure that I was working towards making enough to support myself and the kids. Sad that I had to feel this would happen again, even sadder it did.


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