Thursday, April 17, 2008

Doctors, oil changes, CSA's and more!

So, it was a bad night. A very long and loud bad night, but it is over. Took Grayson to the doctor, he has another ear infection and sinus infection. They gave home a14 day treatment of antibiotics, but Ryan and I are thinking of throwing the script out. We are tired of giving him these medicines and them not working. I do know if he would get on Dr. Tom's table he would feel better, but there is only so much coaxing you can do with a three year old.

We also had the oil changed, yippee. Then we headed off to gather the weekly CSA goodies. I have been very happy with what has been packed up each week, and admit I was nervous about the Spring CSA as the options are usually limited in produce. This week we have a huge bag of greens, more radishes, green garlic, chives and parsley, broccoli rabe and a jar of honey! That is a great haul for what we are spending, and I love that we are supporting local farms. I cannot wait to see what we get for summer, and along with our garden, I am feeling hopeful that we will be able to can and freeze enough to last most of the winter!

I am now off to till the new garden once more and plane the acorn squash, butternut squash, sweet pumpkins and fingelings. Sweet potatoes will also be in this garden, but the plants will not be in until May.

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