Sunday, April 20, 2008

Rain and more rain, but the plants will grow

Our beautiful weather has left, no more sun or warmth, not even a trace of it.

Today is gray and rainy, and being that I already feel sick, I am not thrilled. Looks as though tomorrow will be more of the same, and it may spread into Wednesday....yuck :(

On a bright note, our meat order comes in on Wednesday. Poor Emily has to go get it since I have class, and she gets to take Ryan and Grayson along..poor poor Em. We got the freezer all defrosted this weekend, so we are ready for the beef to come, and we have plenty of room to store some of Emily's as well! I am so excited that 1. we have really healthy, tasty fresh beef and 2. I won't have to buy beef during the summer when are bank accounts are lean :)

Now I just need to bulk up the chicken supply, and I will make a run to Costco to buy 10 whole chickens and at least 25 lbs of chicken breasts and 10 lbs of legs and thighs to get through the summer. My goal is to only have to buy milk, cheese, the occasional bread, and a few other small items through summer. The CSA and our garden should keep us in fresh veggies and the small berry patch will give us enough for eating this year (and more than enough for canning and freezing next year!) We will pick strawberries for Mother's Day and will get at least 3 if not 5 flats of berries. This year I will can the jam rather than make freezer jam and I plan to bake bread in pots at Christmas time and give it as gifts with the jam, yummy!

I am itching for fresh foods. If my plan works, I should be able to skate by on under $100 a week during the summer for food, some weeks may be as low as $50, not too shabby for a family of 5!


A Jersey Girl said...

1. I hope you are going to share the "good stuff"
2. I am happy to go get the beef on Wednesday, it is the least I can do as you found it
3. I am sorry I brought back the bad weather, but free water for the plants:)

Tribe Mama said...

1. Happy to share the good stuff, feel free to come by and "shop" as needed.
2. Thanks for getting the beef, it had to come in on Wednesday of course!
3. I don't blame you for the weather, just next time make sure to wipe your shoes so it can't ride along home with you!

Glad you are home!