Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A shiny new day

So, I was up late last night, as I expected, grading papers. This morning I got the kids up and made french toast and sausage for the girls, eggs and sausage for Gray. I figured we could all use a hearty start to the day. Brittan was feeling better, so she and Haven were dropped at school and Gray and I came home to clean up and get ready for our day.

I need to grade at least 10 more papers this morning, then we will go to lunch, the farm, Dr. Tom's and home. I will make dinner, then we will drop Haven off to play and Brittan, Grayson and I will go to soccer. Home for supper, baths for the kids, and work for me. I know the day ahead is a busy one, but I also know it will all get done, simply because it has to.

My class I am taking is getting ready to end, so I am anxious to finish that work this week and say goodbye to the awful stress. A new class begins in two weeks, so it will be a welcome relief. I have three more assignments due by Saturday, and I anticipate finishing the big one tomorrow night. Thursday is usually a slow day here, just housework and gardening, so it will be a good opportunity to finish out my classwork.

Off to grade essay exams!

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