Friday, April 4, 2008

Just me and my boy

So Ryan is off for the field trip. He and Brittan have sacks filled with sandwiches, drinks and goodies. They are going to the Children's Museum, so I know they will have a blast! My husband has very long curly hair he wears in a ponytail and a goatee, and he is about 6'3" tall, so people make a lot of assumptions about him. Seems the teacher gave him just Brittan and another little girl we knew from dance, she gave more kids to the moms, can we say sexist? Little does she know that he could have handled half that class single handed and they would have had an awesome time and been watched over and safe. I have lots of complaints about my husband, but I swear he is better at wrangling a ton of kids than I am, he keeps them safe while also making sure they have a fun. I know that Britt and her friend will have the BEST time!

Haven rode in with them and will hitch a ride home. She is a bit jealous of Britt's trip, but I promised that as long as I could, I would go on her upcoming field trip. I had also said I was planning to take Gray to the petting zoo, but with all of the rain, it doesn't seem like a good idea. Maybe I will see if I can find something special to do with him, although he seems content to just get some alone time with me. Maybe we will play cars on the floor or break out the playdoh, some special alone time for him.

UPDATE= I think I will take him out to lunch and to get some new outside toys....especially since he just came up to me, hugged me and told me I was pretty. ahhhh, little boys are so sweet!

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