Thursday, April 24, 2008

Anyone can cook!

So, I really don't understand when people say they can't cook. You throw stuff together and get a meal, and for me it never seems stressful or hard, even when cooking from scratch.

Tonight I planned to make chicken and dumplings as I had some nice leftover roast chicken and I had the drippings from that chicken as well. So I diced half an onion and chopped a few carrots and threw them in a pot with the drippings. Cooked them until tender, added the diced leftover chicken, some flour, salt, pepper and fresh sage. Added some water to top the pot and left everything to cook for about half an hour. Came back and everything was bubbly, so threw in about half a cup of half and half and some peas, mixed the dumplings (flour, milk, parsley, salt, pepper and baking powder) and added them to the pot. I ended up with too many dumplings, so they couldn't spread out, so I threw the pot into the oven and the dumplings cooked to a lovely crunch on top, and the soft and tender dumplings on the bottom. Simple, delicious and all made from scratch.

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