Saturday, April 26, 2008

How to stop the preteen train

So Brittan had a soccer game this morning, and we all got ready to go. I packed snack for the kids, drinks, etc so that Haven and Gray would have something while Brittan played (she gets snack at halftime and the end). We got there and my family wanted to sit far away from the field in the shade, I moved them to direct sunlight right along side the field, we were there to cheer after all.

Haven and Grayson went to play on the playground, and she comes back screaming and crying that Grayson hit her with a stick. I come to find out that he DID hit her with a stick, AFTER she tormented him, teased him and yelled at him. She then proceeded to throw a two year old tantrum, unpleasant with an almost 8 year old, and Ryan ended up dragging her off to the car. Her behaviour is terrible, and we are trying to get her under control before she hits her teen years. Anyone have advice? She is a strong willed, dramatic, over the top girl..HELP!

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