Thursday, April 24, 2008

Productive day

So we got up and got the girls to school, although I had a bad night and was a bit crabby, the morning went off without a hitch. Came home and did a few chores. Ry went back to bed since he was really tired, and then Gray and I went out. Dropped off some clothes at Goodwill then we were off to pick up the CSA stuff. Another great haul, I cannot tell you how thrilled I have been with the amount of produce and the quality is amazing. I wasn't expecting much out of the Spring CSA, so I am looking forward to seeing what comes in the Summer!

I got the top tier of the big garden planted, the snow peas are looking great, the pole beans didn't start as well as I wanted in the peat pots, so I directly sowed a bunch more. The carrots and all three types of lettuce are in the ground. Tomorrow the tomatoes, cukes, zucchinis and eggplants will go in the ground. When that is done, everything will be planted, and I am so excited and relieved!

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