Monday, March 10, 2008

Tired old woman

I am feeling it today. Usually I look forward to spring break week, I don't have to teach, the kids have school, it is usually a pleasant time for me. This week, however, I have to get ready for the trip to Chicago, and while I am happy to get away for a few days with the husband, I still have a lot to do. My parents come Wednesday, so I need to have the house clean, the food all in one spot so my mom can cook and the kids clothes laid out. I also have to keep juggling the FT gig and my classes and the papers that go along with them. In addition, Grayson decided not to sleep last night...again. I just want to lay my head down and nap, but that is not a choice. I have to go get Brittan in an hour, drop off snacks for Brownies, take Britt and Gray for haircuts, come home cook dinner, write a paper and work. If all goes well, I will sleep tonight and tomorrow morning I will clean the house, then go to the farm, run home for a 2 o'clock conference call then back out to see Dr. Tom. Ah well, summer is coming and everything is much calmer then. Maybe when I turn 33 I will get a burst of energy.


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