Tuesday, March 4, 2008

It takes a village...

So Em and I were chatting about our close relationship and how it may seem odd to others. We would be very happy to all live under one roof, the kids see each other as siblings, and we are pretty interchangeable as the moms and dads. From the outside it may seem odd, but I really believe that it works for us and that our kids are reaping the benefits. Our kids think of themselves as one of six, and through these close relationships they have learned patience, responsibility, compassion and understanding. They have also had to learn how to adapt, as Em and I run our homes a bit differently. I will yell at her kids as much as mine and vice versa because I really believe I am invested in them and their best interests. I love her kiddos as my own, ad know she feels the same way, and while it can be hard to explain, this works for us.

We talk and talk about how if we came into money we would build this big house to live together. To me, it is the best idea, one big living area and then separate sleeping areas. The kids could enjoy the chaos and joy of a houseful of your best friends or worst enemies depending on the day, and we as moms could easily balance the raising of the kids. Big family dinners, a pool out back for summer and lots of animals all around for the kids to play and learn from. Land to run and dirt to dig in, what more could kids want?

I wish more people had what our families have. That deep trust and understanding that there isn't just one person there to pick you up, but a whole pack of them. The love and even the aggravation that comes from all these kids is worth the hard work.

I could never imagine it just being Ryan, me and the kids, it seems so lonely to think of life without Em, Ben and the kids, and I love who we all are, one big, crazy and maybe odd, family.

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