Sunday, March 9, 2008


So the kiddos and I went out today, I know it's Sunday, and usually I refuse to brave the masses, but I really want to clean the house tomorrow. I took them to lunch, and it was a bust since no one really ate and the food kind of stunk. Then we stopped at Emily's for a potty break and hair gel emergency for Gray (trust me, he needed it) then off to Ikea. I really need some prints for the downstairs bath, we redid it last year and it was lacking. I got new curtains for the family room, red striped to match the red couch and the throw pillows. A new kitchen rug, my old one was really sad, and a new rug for by the back door to catch muddy feet and paws. The kids needed a new bathmat, and I just replaced the old one with the same kind (orange to match the lions and giraffes-it's cute I swear!). Finally, I found three frames that I really like for the family room. Each fits three pictures, so I will do one for each kid. I am hoping to get pics of each of them at different ages, a baby pic, a toddler pic and a recent pic, although Gray is barely out of toddlerhood.

All that running around and now we are rushed for dinner. I am giving them leftovers, since we have them, and then the girls and I are off to swimming. The house is a mess, but that is OK since tomorrow is cleaning day. All I have to do tonight is work and write a paper, tomorrow morning I will drop my girls and run over to see Dr. Tom and get the juice for brownies, then home to clean. I figure if I can get Gray to sit for a movie, the living room, dining room and kitchen will be spotless. i should also be able to dust the family room and vacuum, do dishes and fold laundry. Then on Tuesday we are busy at the farm, and Wednesday I can just touch up and organize the dinners for when I am gone. Oh and I need to pack, but that should be easy :)

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