Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spring may have arrived

It seems as though we are turning the winter corner. Although we are still chilly, the sun is strong and the winds are low, which makes it much more pleasant. The tiered garden is complete, pictures to come. We are thinking of adding another side tier next year when the funds allow for it, that would give us the space for the things we are having trouble fitting this year. For now, the upper tier (the smaller one) will have trellises for tomatoes and beans and there will be a row of head lettuce planted at the front. The bottom tier will house both kinds of cucumbers, four types of summer squash, eggplant, carrots and leaf lettuce. The last area that will be cleared and readied later this week is the side garden that will house butternut and acorn squash, sweet pumpkins, sweet potatoes and fingerlings. I am so excited, and this weekend we will go haul manure from the farm if the weather holds up. Some mixing and tilling and we are ready to plant the seedlings that are waiting in the grow window!!

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