Saturday, March 8, 2008

Chocolate therapy

So, I got up today and had to run my errands. The kids were sent to clean the playroom and I left to see Dr. Tom and run to the store. I was in a good mood....until I came home and the kids had fought more than cleaned and the playroom was more trashed than before. I had a mini-meltdown, they got yelled at, and off they went to really clean up.

Even though they are a handful, and lately mouthy and bad, I decided to be a sport and still make a full home cooked supper. In my oven is this delicious herb chicken, organic bird, farm butter and home grown herbs! I will make a stuffing filled with leeks, carrots and sweet onions and delicious garlic green beans with a mess of yeast rolls with honey butter

And if that isn't enough, here is dessert, luscious chocolate mousse.

Boy are they lucky :)

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A MIXED NUT! said...

It all looks so yummy:)