Sunday, March 2, 2008

Secret Talents

We all have them, it could be the ability to tie a cherry stem in a knot, or a weird way you can curl your tongue, but we all have weird secret talents. I used to think my only was one was crazy ability to beat anyone who challenged me in Whack-A-Mole or any such game. I never seem to miss, and it isn't even that I enjoy the game that much, I just am really good at it. Whenever we are anywhere with games and the kids, I always go and play Whack-A-Mole since I know that in three rounds, each kid will have a prize.

Now I have found out I am pretty good at Guitar Hero. Right from the start, it wasn't terribly difficult, and now I can pick any song, even if I haven't played it and get a 5 on easy. On medium, I can also do pretty well, and everyone should bear in mind I don't know most of these songs as I am not a rock girl by any stretch of the imagination.

Ryan told me that you could get a cool guitar if you get 5 stars on all songs, and I have except one that I just cannot get! I am a bit obsessive, so I am guessing that I will work on it until I get that guitar. Then I will go back to what I was working on before, getting perfect on each, OCD much?

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