Monday, March 31, 2008

Rocky Run

We have had a rocky day, but i guess we need those to appreciate the good ones right?

I was up until 3 am last night, couldn't sleep, work drama with Ry, etc. Got up at 7, got the girls ready and off to the first day back at school after spring break. As they walked into the school I realized that while I was highly efficient, I also was forgetful. They had no snack with them. Home we came, Gray and I grabbed them snacks, back to the school and waited until the buses finished so I could park in front and run the snacks in.

Snacks were delivered and I came home to get dressed for the day, etc. Headed out and ran errands, forgot things, went to see Dr. Tom, went with Em to get Killi, she stopped at another store so I could get the things I forgot, then we had lunch. Came home and Gray was a bear, made snack for the brownies and made a huge mess and then Britt came home. While trying to get clothes for work, Grayson peed his pants and peed all over the bathroom (boys, how fun) so I came and cleaned up and made dinner.

I still need to go teach and I usually get home around 10. Then I need to start on this paper that has me so stressed out, and I hope I can finish half tonight. Tomorrow morning I need to workwork and finish that paper. I should probably do some laundry as we are all running out. We need to go to the farm which kills the whole afternoon, and if it doesn't rain, Britt has soccer. I know that I just need to get through the next two weeks and this hellish class will be over, but fear the house will fall apart and the kids may need to go to school naked until then :)

I always must remember why I am doing this. While I am borderline insane now, this degree will allow me to be as active a parent in my kids lives as possible while still making a good living. I also know that my kids need me home, so while I could go and get a "real" 9-5 job, I would miss them, pee and all. Deep breathes, only about 8 more hours in my day and then I can sleep for 6 hours and start all over again.

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