Monday, March 3, 2008

Oh boy!

So today was a bit of a roller coaster. First the whole Chicago thing. That is solved, we will both fly so he can be back for work Sunday night. Then there was a lot running around this morning. A visit to Dr. Tom where Em brought me coffee, a sign of a true friend who knew I was on the edge! Then off to make copies, we went to the store to grab paint chips for Dr. Tom since he wanted to paint his office a yucky dingy beige. Gray and I hopped in her car, we went to get Killi, then out to lunch. We have said we would hold off on lunch out, but it was an emergency, I was having a crappy day, so we needed it, OK!

After lunch, she dropped me at my car, and took Gray home with her. I graded exams, and they were awful, then the kids came home, ordered them a pizza (no supermom award for me today) then off to class. Now it is after 11 and Grayson has joined me on the couch where he is thrilled to watch Super Why. Although I am tired, I enjoy these small bits of my kids late at night. I never seem to mind if they get up and spend a little time with me late at night once in a while, it is a nice way to get one on one time. Plus he is 3 and has no big plans for tomorrow, so he can stay with me :)

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