Friday, March 7, 2008

Busy little bees

We have been buzzing today. lots to do and lots got done. Brittan's room was overhauled, the curtains were hung and her dresser was cleaned out. I also went through her dresses and cleaned them out. All that is left is to wash the bedding and make the bed for my parents, and I plan to do that on Tuesday.

Grayson's room was also dusted and organized. His dresser was cleaned out and clothes he has outgrown were added to the pile for Goodwill. The girls are working on Haven's room now, organizing, dusting and getting it together. Haven's dresser will be cleaned and then I will go up and inspect. If all is well, I will put the girls clothes for next week into their weekly organizers so that when my mom comes, she doesn't have to pick out their clothes.

So far, I have folded and put away at least 7 loads of clothes and I have washed two more. Only about 7 more to go! I also cleaned the front windows and the back door, vacuumed the house, cleaned the dining room table and the downstairs bathroom. I placed a ridiculously large Mrs. Meyer's order, hey they lavender stuff is on sale! Now I need to type the schedule for when I am away, and make the menu for my mom. Tomorrow the playroom will get cleaned, Sunday the kids and I will go out and get a few things for the house including a new shower curtain and shade for my bathroom, a new bathmat for the kids bathroom, a new rug for the foyer and new kitchen rugs and towels.

We had the trees done yesterday and I spoke to the guy doing the retaining wall for the garden, he will do those when we get back from Chicago. Now I need to get estimates on replacing our shower, Ryan is looking at them now at the store, and we need someone to come and move the plumbing and tear out the old nasty shower. Not to mention that the seedlings will be started when we get back from the trip and that once that wall is up, we need to go haul compost and manure to fill the garden.

Whew, I am tired :)

This is my favorite time of the year, we are moving quickly and have lots to do!

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