Sunday, March 9, 2008

Swim swim swim

Haven has really taken to swimming, although she thinks four lessons and she should be on her way to the Olympics :) I wish she has the tenacity she needs, she is very athletic but doesn't want to keep working for the goal....ahhh the lure of immediate gratification!

Brittan is trying, but she is still timid in the water. I am going to sign them up for another session of the indoor lessons, then they will take two sessions in the summer as well. My hope is that Brittan will become more comfortable and I have a feeling that if Haven keeps at it she may be quite the swimmer.

Grayson will be joining the swim group next fall when they move the lessons back inside. I am hoping he will do the lessons, he is quite attached and has never had an activity. Oh well, next year he has to go to preschool too, so he will have to get over it!

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