Thursday, March 6, 2008

Doctor's are stupid

I went to the doctor, and they did an biggie. He never even looked in my ears or checked me for being sick, just assumed it was my heart and sent me to my cardiologist. Thing is, I am positive I am just anemic and dehydrated, not smart, but not cardiologist worthy either. I will be seeing the cardio anyway, especially if we are planning another baby, but I am sure he will not think anything of this incident.

Later on, I spoke with my sister who says she has had this happen a few times, maybe there is just a family history.


A MIXED NUT! said...

Just remember this, "Doctor's are Stupid", when you finish your degree:) I am only kidding!!!

Tribe Mama said...

i will not be a medical doctor. I will revise the statement to...MEDICAL Doctors are stupid