Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Oh the pressure!

I took Gray to the doctor today and Em came along, which was good because I wanted to be sure that what I said was accurate, and more importantly, that I really heard what the doctor said. Needless to say, the doctor agrees that there is some systematic issue at hand here that he has been sick for so long and still isn't himself. She did suggest that it may be chronic sinusitis, which can cause these symptoms as well, but that a CAT scan is a lot of radiation that he really doesn't need. She ordered some blood work, so I will take Gray down tomorrow and hold him down while they draw blood. It seems as though they are checking his blood count (good because of the white blood cell issues in the hospital), also Lyme Disease, Epstein Bar, his thyroid and a few other things. I am hoping everything is OK and that he is just stuck with a bad bug he can't shake.

I am also totally overwhelmed with what needs to happen before I leave. My boss also gave me a big project to complete by Monday, fun as I will be in Chicago in classes all day Friday and Saturday. I am hoping to use the plane time to type some information up. Add to this my regular job, my papers for my course and just regular work, and I am stressed. Thankfully, when we get home, I have to teach Monday but am off until the following Wednesday which is a nice break.

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A MIXED NUT! said...

You will get it all done, you always do:)