Saturday, March 8, 2008

They suck...and now they get chipped beef

Dinner came out awesome, except that the family sucks. Husband wouldn't get up so everything got cold and I was pissed. It took 3 hours to make that dinner and it was so pretty I took pictures. The kids barely ate and husband REFUSED to eat b/c I was mad he came down so late. Excuse me, but someone is calling you to dinner, a nice dinner of roast chicken and homemade stuffing, homemade sweet cream corn and salad, you can't get downstairs to eat it??? Then he REFUSED to eat it!!! So anyway, I got pissed and it went in the trash, I didn't even eat it. Needless to say, my family is spoiled when it comes to meals. Most moms don't spend HOURS cooking dinner from scratch. Tomorrow they have a surprise coming....I am going to the store and buying cans of corned beef hash, beefaroni and chipped beef, with some yummy canned Lima beans on the side. When husband gets up tomorrow for dinner, there will be the cans with a can opener....that way he can heat and eat when he wants. Two days and they should be wanting mama's cooking again. Oh, and no, they don't get any mousse.


A MIXED NUT! said...

We would have been happy to come for home cookin' if you called:)

Tribe Mama said...

Sorry, it was an emotional toss!

Even I didn't eat any :(

Why didn't you drop me off some Carlos?

Schoggie said...

If you want you can trade your family in and we will take their place! We would come to dinner when you call and eat all you cooked!:)

Tribe Mama said...

Haha, thanks!

I may just do that, do you know where to trade them?