Sunday, March 2, 2008

Spring Fever

I am not sure if it is the fact that the sun is shining or that it is supposed to be 70 tomorrow, but Spring Fever has caught me! Thankfully it hit in a productive way, I have scrubbed my cabinets and counters, cleaned all the windows, started dinner, vacuumed the house and generally did a big straighten. The best part is, my house smells like spring, as all the cleaners are natural and have a fresh scent.

I also attacked the oven. When we bought this house the oven that came with the house wasn't old, but it wasn't well kept either. I don't think the previous owners ever cleaned it, and considering they had windows with no screens and generally neglected any upkeep on the house, the oven was really nasty. In the four years, I have cleaned the oven, a lot, but the window on the door just never would come clean. It made me crazy as it always made me think the oven was dirty, although it wasn't, so today I tried something new. I used simple baking soda and vinegar and let it sit for awhile. While it still isn't perfect, and never will be, it is so much better and there were no nasty fumes :) Maybe I will get that new oven in the next year, being that I cook so much, it would be a nice treat.

The last big accomplishment for today is that I finally place our seed order. Lots of great heirloom and organic varieties, and if they go well we will harvest some seeds for next year as well. I am anxious to get going, the tree issues should be handled this week, and then in two weeks the retaining walls will go in. Then the fence and the garden is ready to go!

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