Saturday, March 8, 2008

Letting the mind wander

So sometimes you have to consider the what ifs. What if someone had mentioned that I could attend grad school right after completing my undergrad, where would i be now? Where would i have gone to school, what would I be doing? Why didn't anyone mention that was a possibility?

What if I had gone to school when I got to Virginia? I was looking at Mason and their Masters in Education. That actually gives me the shivers, I could have gotten my MEd and been teaching in a public school, bleck. I never want to teach anyone who is under the age of 18 (ok some of my students may be 17, but they are close). What would have happened if I didn't have Haven? We wouldn't have gotten married, bought the house and been propelled into all the "grown-up" things.

Now comes the what ifs of the future. I have no idea where my degree will take me. I do know that I am young, so my career will be a long and diverse one. I hope to publish again soon, and I have worked to make sure I am set up to secure a choice professorship when I am done. So will I ever teach abroad? Live in Vermont? Or live in the South? What adventures are to come? Right now I feel very trapped by my life, will I feel more free when I am done with school and the two job gig?

Oh the possibilities....

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