Wednesday, March 12, 2008

All by myself

So I will be travelling to Chicago alone. Gray had a fever and getting the house together was too much for me, and Haven is just mean and nasty and on and on and on. So my parents are staying home and my husband is watching the kids.

I am not thrilled about going, but I have to, so I will. I am, however, looking forward to sleeping alone in a dark room. Also, with no distractions, it should be easy to get my work done.

I leave tomorrow at noon and get home Sunday at 5:30. Then I teach Monday, off the rest of the week and my parents are coming for Easter. Next week will be rough too, but then I am on my way to summer.

This doctorate is kicking my ass, and I was about ready to throw in the towel today. I really hope it is worth it, that when I am done I have more time for the family and myself. I really feel like the last year I have been so stressed and so pressured that I haven't had the time I need to relax. Hopefully it will be one more year of classes, and then the dissertation. I have no anxiety over the dissertation, I know I write good papers and I know my topic, just the classes are killing me!

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A MIXED NUT! said...

I hope you get some good sleep in Chicago:)