Sunday, March 30, 2008

Tears flow

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a crybaby. I cry about just about anything, but RARELY do I cry about school. I had a busy day with the kids, Haven had riding then I took them to lunch. We got home and I was trying to get bathing suits ready, Grayson was screaming at me, which I swear is his newest pastime, Brittan was having a meltdown and I couldn't take it anymore. Sent the kids upstairs so that I could breathe, checked on the assignment I did last night and the professor STILL took off a ton of points. I literally followed line by line his criteria and STILL I lost 5 of 40 points and for the life of me I have no idea why! I feel like he is just making my life hell because I questioned him on some things, but hell, this is a doctoral program, and I didn't understand what he was doing in regard to grades and I would think we could ask questions.

He is just an asshole and I am so stressed that I just burst into horrible hyperventilating tears. I hate feeling powerless and I hate being made to feel like an idiot more. I would think by this point in my education I would be past those instructors that enjoy making students suffer, but I guess not. Boy won't it suck for him when I am done and we are at an all company meeting, since our schools are owned by the same corporation and I have tenure as I have been there longer :) I just need the next two weeks to pass, and with them my stress levels should drop.

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