Sunday, March 2, 2008


There are topics I tend to stay away from discussing except with a small group of folks, one of these is religion. One reason is that I know many people have very strong beliefs, and as a result of that dedication, they cannot even consider an alternative. I think it is insulting to not even try to see where someone else is coming from, so I tend to keep my thoughts to myself. As my children grow older, I wish I had something to offer them religiously. I was raised in a house with a pseudo-Jewish father and Catholic mother, and we were raised Catholic (CCD, baptized, communed and confirmed!) I know that I do not want to be a part of the Catholic church, and as I have investigated options, I find that most Christian Church's are not what I am looking for either, their beliefs simply do not match mine. I like the idea of the Unitarian Church, and there is one in a town close by, but with Ryan working Saturday night, I would need to go alone. I am happy to do that, but the first time I want to have us both there to juggle the kids, and we haven't had a day that worked for us. I feel I am failing the kids in this respect, so my goal for the summer is to try that church, and if it works for me and my beliefs, we will make it a weekly trip.


theansweris said...

Ah, Ben and talked about this today, as it relates to Easter and my kids not having a clue why Easter is celebrated other than the Easter Bunny. And for me that is enough and since HE has never taken them to church I guess that is what it will always be. I would like to go with you to check out the church.

Tribe Mama said...

Let me know when and I will get a sitter for Grayson. There is no childcare at the 11:30 service, and I would like the girls to go. Maybe Ry can make it home one day, hahahaha!