Friday, March 7, 2008

Time to clean

So we are heading out Thursday morning, and with a family of five and a neat freak mom, I need to start cleaning now. Today I will tackle Brittan's room which is where my parents sleep. I need to fix the wall where the paper is coming down, clean out her whole room and clear her dresser. Then I need to do the dusting thing, clean the windows and just generally get it ready to go. I will wash the sheets and make the bed tomorrow since Ryan has been kicked out to that bed a lot recently.

Then on to Gray's room, his should be a bit easier, but his dresser also needs to be cleaned out and the room dusted. I will then clean the upstairs bathroom, even though it will need another cleaning on Tuesday or Wednesday morning.

When the girls get home, they will need to organize Haven's room and dust. Ryan will be in charge of folding the clothes that are clean down here and pushing through more laundry. I am also sending him up to our room later to organize so I can come in and do the big bad clean.

After that, I will work on rooms this weekend. The playroom will be tackled on Saturday, and it will be a big job. After a few hours, we should have it neat and clean, and will just need to keep it that way! The living room will be done on Monday, the dining room, family room, kitchen and downstairs bath will be done Tuesday.

It is always good to have a plan :)

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