Monday, November 1, 2010

Welcome November!

I am so happy to see November!  Our little one will be here in just about 4 weeks and I am so excited.  The weather has turned crisp, Halloween is past us and now I will begin gearing up for the Christmas holidays.  I am still amazed that in just a few short weeks, we will be lucky enough to have another child added to our family, I know how so many struggle to grow their families and cannot be more thankful for our children.

In other news, my car was inspected today and passed with no issues.  Normally this would be no big concern, but when I am hormonal and pregnant I have weird car anxiety, so having the car pass with no problems puts me at ease.  Seems silly, and it is, but it removes a HUGE weight.

Going to teach tonight and it will be my last night of lecturing prior to the baby coming.  Starting Wednesday we have a week of exams, then two weeks of presentations, then Thanksgiving, then I will *hopefully* make it one more class to review some things and assign the final exam.  Then I will have the baby, miss a week and only go back to return papers.  Gosh, we are winding down quickly!

OK, off to have lunch with my hubby and our crabby baby who has a cold, then a nap for her and some work for me :)

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