Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sundays are the best

Even with our early morning wake up, today has been so nice and relaxing.  Kids got up and had some of my homemade bread for breakfast, then Haven made everyone tea and we all relaxed for a bit.  Kids helped straighten up, we got the laundry moving and I bleached out the sinks since they were in need of a freshening.  My work is done, the last batch of today's Christmas cookies is chilling in preparation for baking and I made stuffing and have a chicken roasting in the oven as we speak.

In an hour, Ryan will get up and I will switch laundry one more time before I head upstairs for a while.  he will handle the littles, who are currently enjoying Fraggle Rock, while I work on a few work items and relax upstairs.  He will then serve dinner and I will come down to assist with the making of lunches for tomorrow, showers and bedtime...then I will settle in for the night.  Today is nice and quiet, a true change from the craziness the last few days, and the days to come.  What a welcome change!

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