Friday, November 12, 2010

Why I love Fridays

Well after the epic fail of parenting that was yesterday afternoon...compounded by the fact that I never got the Thai food I wanted since the kids were awful and the hubby came straight home from the farm, I decided to turn the craptastic frown upside down...or something.

Anyway, got the kids in gear, got the work done, and then because I had no more energy left to cook, took them to Panera for dinner before dance, it was easy, they were thrilled.  This was a bit crazy, it was crowded and we needed to order a lot including a to-go for the hubby who was grabbing it on his way to work, but everyone ate and was happy and we got Haven to dance on time.  While she danced, the other three and I ran to the grocery store to grab a few things.  I had randomly stopped at this one store the other day and noticed a sweet deal on cereal and English muffins...and being that breakfast is a big deal around here, I needed to grab more of each.  Now my freezer is well stocked with English muffins and we have about 12 boxes of cereal in the pantry, which is really not that much for our family, but it will do.  I also found a deal on slice and bake cookies, not something I usually buy, but they were super cheap and I figured the kids would enjoy making them this weekend with their dad while I lounged about in bed waiting for warm cookies :)

Today started much better.  Kids were off to school without a hitch and the littlest one and I made a run for the last few Christmas gifts.  I just grabbed a toy kitchen for Teagan, a Hot Wheels track for Gray, watches for Gray and Brittan and a baby doll set for Britt-except for the stroller that will go to Teagan.  I also ordered a bunch of super cute chocolates for the kids for their stockings.  Every year the stores are filled with santas and snowmen and reindeer shaped chocolates that we can't buy because of Haven's nut allergy.  This year I ordered from Vermont Nut Free and got them each a different shaped chocolate lollipop and a bunch of chocolate snowflakes and snowmen in dark and milk chocolate.  I even scored some gelt for Hanukkah this year!  That leaves me only a few stocking stuffers for Teagan and Gray and three items that are sitting in my shopping cart at Amazon to be ordered next week and we are officially done done done!

Now I have an impromptu work call to take, then nap time for the baby and I have big plans to make banana bread for the kid's after school snack and we are having homemade chicken fingers, mashed sweet potatoes and broccoli for dinner on request from the littles.  Hoping for an easy day!

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